Craft Your Vision Board Online 4 Week Program

Many years ago I learned that my day job was a key element in building my business. See at my day job I was surrounded by people who were willing to struggle for the little bits of success like promotions or tiny pay raises sacrificing their bigger goals. Somewhere along the way we get distracted by the goal of earning money even when it only trickles in at the day job. We find ourselves in working environments with people who are frustrated, lost, and confused. Even with a well-crafted vision board we tend to conform to the environments we spend a lot of time in losing our momentum,  motivation and self-confidence. Have you ever noticed when you come home from work and peak at your vision board anticipating the feeling of excitement you had when you first made it but instead it feels like its sticking its tongue out at you?

Yes I have been in those shoes. And let me tell you they aren’t cute and don’t fit well at all. One night I even tore up my vision board because I couldn’t deal with it haunting me.

We’re here now connecting because I figured out how to get past the day job challenges and my new vision board was one of the tools that got me here today. I’m inviting you to take part in my eCourse Crafting Your Vision of Success. This course  runs 4 weeks and features:

  • the physical book
  • videos
  • weekly live stream event
  • short group calls (we don’t have tons of time to waste on the phone)
  • hands on facebook group

Now I want to stop and tell you about the facebook gruop. This is not a group of thousands of people with admins managing the group. It is a small village. A village of people on a path of personal greatness. They may want a 7 figure income or the my want a 7 member family. The key is they are open to living their own dream and they understand that it takes support to make it a reality. This is a village who accepts each other’s visions as right for that person. Yes that means judgement free support. This village is one of the keys to vision board success.

Are you willing to commit to yourself today to walk a path of success in a creative way that is uniquely you? The investment on your commitment is only $47 and you will also have a free copy of my book. A physical copy, not pdf  or kindle book. I want you to have something physical to work with during this course.


June 30th –  28th 2017

July 7th – Aug 4th 2017

July 28th – Aug 25th 2017