For Parents

For Parenting

“Educational Choices”

Picking the Right Fit for Your Family (for parents of preschoolers or elementary school). Covering public school, private, religious, homeschooling, unschooling. How to get the best out out of your school of choice. I’ll cover selecting, test preparation, and work with the school staff to create the ideal educational support for your family.

“Parenting Starts at Birth”

How to engage in educational activities with your infant and toddler and not be “one of those pushy parents”. Covering what, how and when to read to infants and toddlers, why to do fitness with infants/toddlers and what types of fitness activities to do when they don’t crawl or walk yet. And my number one: developing communication skills from using foreign language development, sign language and everyday conversations at home with your children under 2 years old.


“Creating an Affirmational Environment for your Children”

After completing my first children’s book which I designed to delivery affirmation based thinking to children. I want to take it one step further with this speech and reach out to the mindful Parenting community. Affirmational Environments are not just happy, go lucky, positive homes. An affirmational Environment is practicing daily to see inspiration and harnessing it to affirm life.  It’s a great foundation to empathy education for children. The more often that children can tap into the tiny inspirational moments that nature provides the more confident that will become. Parents will leave this speech knowing how to create inspirational conversations with children ages 3 and up.


For Family Business

“Find Harmony While Creating a Great Income and a Happy Family Life”

Income is a major stress-or for families, however learning to balance the 3 main areas of life so you can capitalize on each and not feel compromised is the key. This speech covers scheduling, delegation, sharing, asking for proper help, finding support and spending your time smartly.

“Family, Business, and God”

What comes first? Well we all know that answer even though it can be a daily struggle to have faith in that answer. However having your cornerstone is what creates the foundation that makes family and business easier.  This speech will create new awareness and help you to put the faith cornerstone first.