The Mini Doodle Journal Kit


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Here it is! The Mini Doodle Journal kit

The loose journaling pages are based on inspirations from attending Lisa Nichols “Abundance Now” event.

This has been a back burner project for quite some time. I’ve made these kits as gifts for friends for many years. Now I’ve added my love of coloring, the power of words, and the fun of paper crafting all into one kit for you to use.

Its great for those who find journaling boring, difficult, and not fun!. I used to promise myself every year that I would journal simply because I knew the science and benefits behind the behavior of journaling. However I failed for many, many years. I finally figured out for me I needed to be inspired and relaxed. Coloring has always been relaxing and so has gluing and playing with paper. It worked! I was consistent by journaling a few times a week. My brain was more focused, and I had better ideas with greater ability to map them from start to finish because I was connecting with my creativity and imagination regularly. I was exercising the other side of my brain muscle.


The Mini Doodle Journal Kit Includes:
1- 8 page mini journal (8″ x 8″)
8 – loose coloring phrase pages
16 – coordinating scrapbook pages in different shapes and sizes to add fun dimension (2″ x 8″ up to 8″ x 8″)
embellishment to add to the cover or enhance your pages

Each book has a hand written message from me about doodle journaling. Everything is hand selceted by me and the papers are all trimmed by me to fit the book.

All you need to do is add glue, washi tape, other embellishments, and gel pens or white or yellow pencils.

I write on all my pages even the scrapbook paper pages. The backs are a solid white color. Each phrase coloring page can take me 1 to 3 days to finish. I enjoy taking my time coloring the letters. As I color words, ideas, and other phrases come up and I write this things down on the fronts and backs of the phrase coloring pages. Thess possibly random thoughts I write down become topics for journaling then and on other days. I just let it flow as it needs to. Just getting the hand moving in a relaxed and enjoyable way does wonders!

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