The Soulmate Call Vision Board Workshop

Have you ever came home from work excited about your great day and the only one you can tell is the furry love of your life?

Maybe you’ve been the 3rd wheel at a dinner with your friends just last week and you saw them holding hands under the dinner table?

Do your toes get cold at night and all you can do is add some fluffy socks instead of cuddling up to your man and warming them on his legs?

Is your cat looking at you as if to say “How YOU doin’ cat lady? Wanna cuddle with me?”

Are you feeling like you’re missing a life long best friend that fills your every need and desire?

Have you made “THAT” list about your future soulmate and he’s still nowhere in sight?

We’d like to take your dream soulmate list and breathe life and energy into it with a vision board and action plan. Maybe you haven’t heard about vision boards. Maybe you’ve even ignored the chatter about vision boards because it seems a little too far fetched to help you achieve your life goals. Or maybe you’ve started one but didn’t know how to add your love goals.


So who is this “we” that wants to help you call your soulmate? Well the short answer is we’re two coaches with specialties in opening your heart to finding love and creative vision boards for success.

We’ve combined our two passions and are on a mission to help woman just like ourselves become more open and creative in how they live and experience their lives.


*Creating a clear mental and physical vision of your soulmate
*Decide how you want love to feel and be expressed with your soulmate
*Experience a life changing soulmate call meditation
*Take home a visual display of the love you are deliberately creating

By the the end of the workshop you will be invigorated by the discovery of your true longing for a soulmate. You’ll feel ready to fearlessly open your mind and heart daily to attract the soulmate of your dreams. When you take home your soulmate call vision board you’ll be able to reaffirm you desire daily with clarity, openness and with new energy.

Your soulmate is out there waiting for you to open your mind and heart with clarity and confidence. Sign up now for this crafty hands on workshop.


Atelier Mela, 109 East Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832

The chosen location, Atelier Mela, a Fine Millinery and Sewing Studio is a boutique hat shop featuring gorgeous artistry and one of a kind designs. In this atmosphere you will gain inspiration for your vision board by opening yourself up to expanding into creativity. Our intention is to create an intimate setting in a creative space therefore each session will include a maximum of 20 guests.

Get you ticket now. Just click on the link for the time that works best for you.

Sat, July 22, 2017 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM PDT

Sat, July 22, 2017  4:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT